Välliste runt

A beautiful walk with extensive views and great flora Start at Trillevallens högfjällshotell and walk west through spruce forest to the road to the ski lifts. Follow this and then turn right. Continue along Korsflon to Stortrevallen, where you turn left. Follow the winding path through the mountain birch forest, up onto open mountainside and to the “Norra stugan” hut. Continue across Nordtoppen to Toppstugan hut, a great picnic spot with amazing views. Välliste is a mountain with rich flora, so take the chance to enjoy the flowers. The walk goes homewards from Toppstugan. Follow the path and then the gravel road down to the parking for Trillevallen’s ski lifts, then follow the road back to to Högfjällshotell. Alternative start/finish: Trillevallen’s ski lift car park.