A day trip with emerald green lakes in old-growth forest. Start at Naturum, cross the road and meadow and stay left down to the river Vålån. Turn right straight after the bridge. Enjoy the view from Nipan before continuing through coniferous forest, over marshes and through beautiful mountain birch forest. After 3 km, the landscape opens up and you come out onto the flower-rich Matskålsängarna. After another couple of kilometers you come to the steep eskers at Blanktjärnarna, where the lakes are often calm and inviting. Take a break and enjoy it, then walk up the gentle climb onto Vålåsen. Imagine, if these old pine trees could talk, you’d hear about how they got their fire scars. Eventually, the terrain levels out across the marsh. Continue gently downhill through sparse old-growth forest. The circle is complete.