A beautiful day trip between Vålådalen and “Östra”. Start at the ski lift behind Vålådalens fjällstation; walk up to Ottfjällsvägen and follow the road upwards. Västra Storbäckens rushing waterfall is a perfect place to stop at the upper wind shelter. The path then turns right and there are magnificent views of the vale of Vålådalen. Follow the path and wade across Östra Storbäcken on your way to Stora Björnbacken. If it’s the right time of year, you might find cloudberries before heading down through the old-growth forest to Östra Vålådalen. Refreshments can be bought at Vålågården before you turn towards to Vålådalen. After Ingeborgfallet, turn left onto the old road, which is now a gentle path. Cross Vålådalsvägen and continue on the exercise track past Mellandalstjärn to where you started. Alternative start/finish: Östra Vålådalen.