Middagsvalen (286)

Accessible peak with 360 degree views Start at the trail hub in Vallbo. Take the summer path to the south, across the field and into there forest. The path gets steeper after almost a kilometer and then really steep after another 500 meters. At the hardest point you suddenly arrive on open mountainside, and this is your reward for all the effort. Turn around and enjoy the view. Up by the mast you can enjoy mountain views in all directions. In clear weather the Sylarna massif is visible to the south-west, 40 km away. The quality assured path goes back the same way that you came. If you would like to take one that is less steep, choose the round trip. This is marked with numbered signs, but does not have as many plankways. Follow the cross-marked trail 700 meters southward. The path that then goes to the left takes you through beautiful forest and back to Vallbo.